Phoenix Business Referrals, Inc. is an association of businesses in whose purpose is to promote the common interests of its members and to educate members and visitors of good business practices with the goal of building strong businesses in the local community.

Who is a good fit for “PBR”

  • Members are comprised of different local businesses
  • Members only represent one individual profession
  • Members are encouraged to pass qualified business or personal referrals (not leads)
  • Members are screened by our membership committee
  • Members must strive to attend ALL meetings
  • Members must provide a minimum of 2 qualified referrals each month
  • Members must bring at least one visitor per month
  • Members are required to meet with the other business owners outside of our regular meeting
  • Members must provide a sixty second commercial that explains what they do, and any promotions they have going on in their business at that time.
  • Members must participate in the meetings discussions
  • Members are required to present a fifteen minute presentation on a rotating basis to educate the other businesses on what a good referral is for them.

Learn more about our members, visit our meeting or email us at